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Soaring knotty pine ceilings framed

by solid red oak flooring frame the original passive solar solarium. Outside a redwood deck and planters with alumimium railings support a forty foot natural greenwall.


The greenwall surrounds the solarium with a flowering green wall of white Bower vines and lavender Clemetis.


The nine panel redwood and glass solarium faces east to allow the morning sun to fill the great room with daylight.


The solarium is designed to naturally collect warmth for energy efficient living.


One half inch laminated panels were added to the origianl solarium to filter noise and prevent heat loss/gain.


The eco-themed fireplace is the central focus of the room with it's sunburst design constructed with powder coated copper set on stainless steel. 


The fireplace has natural gas fire also allows an old fashioned roaring wood fire with the Majestic energy efficient heat circulating insert, another green feature of the home.




This contemporary redwood and glass home, designed by architect Keith Franc, has approximately 3300 square feet of living space on three levels. 



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